We encourage potential students and their parents, or guardians, to come and visit Castle Manor Academy before making an application.  Please contact the Headteacher's PA, Mrs Mitchell, to arrange a visit.

Procedures for applying to Castle Manor Academy are explained in the publication 'Admissions to Schools in Suffolk'. This can be found on the Suffolk School Places webpage.  Parents should make themselves familiar with this information and take particular note of the definitions provided, dates and deadlines, which apply to Castle Manor Academy’s admission arrangements, unless stated otherwise in this document. 

Applications for the normal year of entry should be made using the Suffolk normal year of entry application form (CAF 1), which is available from the school or from Suffolk County Council on 0345 6000981 or at www.suffolk.gov.uk/admissions. Parent/carers are encouraged to apply online. 

Completed application forms must be sent to the Local Authority.