Through Art we explore different cultures as well as British Values. We inspire our students to contribute to exhibitions and organise visits. We teach our Art students to be creative thinkers, inventive problem solvers and resilient workers.

Year 7 – Students are taught the elements of art during their first year (Tone, line, composition, form and texture.) Students learn key art vocabulary as featured on their knowledge organiser. They are taught how to draw and paint still life, figures and landscape. They look at relevant artists and start to analyse their own art as well as other artists.  Year 7 have a lesson of art weekly and home learning is set fortnightly.

Year 8 - Throughout the year students develop their ability to use different materials and techniques to create their own work in response to different Artist’s and Cultures.

Year 9  - Students learn techniques such as proportion, scale and composition through portraiture and figurative work. Their work is delivered as it would be at GCSE level to prepare students for their next steps.

Years 10 & 11- Over two years students work in a variety of materials to record their own responses to a series of themes such as ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Take a closer look’.

Students have the opportunity to showcase their work in local art exhibitions and through community art projects. They develop ideas for their projects through relevant trips and visits where appropriate.  

Department Staff

  • Mrs B Baldwin

    Learning Outside the Classroom Co-Ordinator