Castle Manor Academy ensures that every student receives personalised and independent advice and guidance. The full details of our CEIAG programme, including how the school measures and assesses the impact of the programme, can be found in our Careers Policy.  This is reviewed annually.

The careers programme is designed to support our students so that they can be sucessful in their next steps, once they leave us at the age of 16.  So that the school can develop its careers programme we track the destinations of former students and follow the number of students who stay in education, eployment or training for at least two terms after Key Stage 4. The latest published data can be found on the school performance tables.  However, this is published two years after the cohort leave the school and therefore our own internal tracking of destinations can  be downloaded in the link on the right.  

To find further information to support you with CEIAG, click on the relevant section below.  

Key Stage 3 is an opportune time to begin to think about the future and where you want to go.  If you're not sure, the links below will provide you with helpful information.  

Towards the end of Key Stage 3 students will need to select their options.  Thoroughly reseraching the subjects available, and where they could take you, is important and helpful in ensuring you make the right choices.  

It's important that parents and carers are fully informed about the options and pathways available to young people at 16/18, so that they can support and advise them appropriately.   We hope these links will support you with that, but please contact the school if you have any specific enquiries. Looking through the links we've recommended at KS3 and KS4 may also help to answer your questions.  


  • Mr D Course

    Achievement Leader Year 11; Careers Leader