Curriculum Intent – our common understanding

Our curriculum has English, mathematics and science at its core. We believe that if each child establishes a solid foundation in their basic skills then they will achieve in their other subjects more effectively. Outside of the core subjects, our curriculum will vary slightly year on year to reflect the needs of each cohort. However, all of our students, at KS3, will follow an Ebacc curriculum (including history, geography, a modern foreign language and computing) to build academic success. We keep our curriculum broad and embrace the arts, technologies and sports, to ensure we cater for, and develop, the wide range of interests and talents of our students.

We have a focus on reading as we know that all students need to read fluently and develop excellent comprehension skills to achieve success in all other subjects. We have a whole school focus on reading in all subjects, a dedicated reading tutor program and direct reading instruction in all key stage 3 English lessons.

We will provide a catch-up programme for students whose literacy and numeracy skills are significantly below national averages on entry to our school.

We believe in social justice - we will explicitly teach the knowledge, experiences and vocabulary needed to improve the life chances of all those we teach, including disadvantaged students or those with SEND.

We believe in delivering on our school motto and our school values. We explicitly teach, and expect, children to work hard and to be kind, as well as modelling professionalism, resilience, optimism, understanding and drive (our PROUD values).

Our subject curriculum develops depth and security of knowledge and understanding, rather than prioritising content coverage. We believe it is crucial to plan and sequenceour curriculum in a way that supports the way in which children learn. Therefore, we explicitly plan our curriculum to reflect this: we know where review opportunities are and know what is to be reviewed through regular inter-leaving opportunities and low-stakes quizzing; we give expert instruction followed by deliberate practice opportunities; we sequence material carefully.

We ensure all students, regardless of background, needs and abilities, have access to the same opportunities.

Through our learning journey we commit to 100% of our student body achieving key life experiences and developing the character of each child in our care. In addition to this, valuable enrichment opportunities (including learning outside the classroom) are offered for students to participate in.

Our curriculum therefore prepares students dually: to achieve excellent academic results whilst building their character skills to prepare them for success in life beyond our school. This character development is explicit in the teaching of our school values so that the young people in our care can become confident and self-assured learners.

Further specific information about our curriculum can be found through the subject pages

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