Castle Manor Academy Enrichments Summer 2019

There are lots of extra-curricular opportunities available at Castle Manor. Please see the attached enrichment programme in RESOURCES. Which one will you give a try? 

Activity When Location Who can attend?
Homework Club



3:15-4:00 : All



Hip Hop - Body Works Dance Studios

3:30-4:30 Monday Gym Year 9 & 10
Dance Club 3:15-4:15 Monday Gym Year 7
Badminton 3.10-4.10 Monday Sports Hall All
Volleyball 4.30-6.00 Monday Sports Hall KS4 girls
TED Talk Club 12:40:1:00 Tuesday PLC KS3
Homework Club 1:10-1:30 Tuesday PLC KS4
Homework Club - English Support 3:15-4:00 Tuesday PLC All
Elastic Band 3:15-4:00 Tuesday Performance Practice Room Instumentalists/Singers
Ukulele Club 3:15-4:00 Tuesday Reading Room All
Eco/Growing Club

3:15-4:00 Tuesday

(starts October)

B23/Garden All
Fitness 3.10-4.10 Tuesday Fitness Suite All
Volleyball 3.15- 4.45 Tuesday Sports Hall Girls
Football 3:15-4:15 Tuesday Field All
Science Club 3:15-4:00: Tuesday S9 Year 7 & 8
Street Dance 3:15-4:15: Tuesday Gym Year 7 & 8
Homework Club



Wellbeing Wednesdays 1:10-1:30 Wednesday Reading Room KS3


1:00-1:30 KS4 Wednesday

Maths Games



S16 All
Film Club 3:15-4:00: Wednesday Reading Room All
Homework Club - Science Support 3:15-4:00: Wednesday PLC All
'Help! I don't get it' 3:15-4:00: Wednesday S10 Miss Weston's Science, History & RHRE drop in
DOFE 3:15-4:00: Wednesday B23 KS4
Debate Club 3:15-4:00: Wednesday B2 KS3
Computer Club 3.15-4.15: Wednesday B6 Everyone
Wider Reading for Literature 3:15-4:00: Wednesday B4 KS4
Quoting and Exploding 3.15-4.00: Wednesday B5 KS4
Christmas Production Rehearsals 3:15-5:00: Wednesday Drama Studio KS3
SPAG - Beat the Teacher 3:15-4:00: Wednesday B13 Years 9,10,11
GCSE Photography & 3D Design 3:15-4:00 Wednesday B28/S3 KS4
Basketball 3:15-4:30 Wednesday Sports Hall Boys
Homework Club 1:10:1:30 Thursday PLC KS4
Live Lounge 12:40-1:00 Thursday Reading Room KS3
MFL Club 3:15-4:00 Thursday B4 KS3
Reading Ambassadors Club

3:15-4:00 Thursday

Reading Room KS3
Art Studio 3:15-4:00 Thursday B23 KS4
Tea and Talk 3:15-4:00 Thursday B2 All
Brass Group 3:15-4:00 Thursday S22 Current/New Brass Players
LifeSPACE 3:15-4:00 Thursday B29 All
Homework Club - Maths Support 3:15-4:00 Thursday PLC All
Fitness 3:15-4:15: Thursday Fitness Suite Girls
Health & Social Care Support 3:20-4:30: Thursday PLC KS4
Eco Club 3:15-4:00 Thursday
Volleyball  3:15-4:45: Thursday Sports Hall Boys
Rugby 3.10-4.10 Thursday Field All
Gaming Friday




GCSE Photography & 3D Design 3:15-4:00: Friday B28/S3 Mr Teare booking system - KS4
Lego Club 3:15-4:00: Friday B29 KS3
Choir 3:15-4:00:Friday S22 Singers
Homework Club 3:15-4:00: Friday PLC All
Basketball  3:15-4:45: Friday Sports Hall Girls
PE GCSE Theory 3:10 - 4:10: Friday S21 KS4

NB.  Please regularly check the noticeboards outside the Sports Hall for fixture information and extra team only practices - further information available on twitter @castlemanorPE