Date: Thursday 11th January 2018

Our second Academic Tutoring Day of the year will be on Thursday 11th January 2018.  On this day, all students from Years 7 to 11 have a 15 minute appointment with their tutor, which you are also invited and encouraged to attend. The aim of this meeting is for your child to set targets to improve their attainment over the coming months. You will also have the opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have about your child’s progress at Castle Manor Academy.

For students in Year 11 there will also be intervention sessions runing throughout the day. Students will be be invited by their subject teachers before the day. This is an excellent opportunity for them to improve their subject knowledge and skills.

Academic Tutoring appointments will take place in the main school building. Students are expected to accompany you to school for their timetabled meeting and this will be the only time they are required at school that day. They should wear full uniform and the usual rules regarding jewellery apply. 

You will be aware that all of our students have regular learning conversations with their Academic Tutor.  During these conversations the tutor and the student will monitor their progress towards targets set.  Students must provide evidence to show that they are working towards their targets.  For all students their Student Organiser will contain a record of these targets, therefore please ensure your son/daughter brings their Student Organiser with them to the meeting.

It is very important that you attend on 11th January so that we can work together to ensure that your  son/daughter reaches their potential. The earlier you book, the greater the opportunity to fit appointments around your daily schedule. The earliest appointments will be at 8.30 and the latest at 4.45.

If you have any further queries regarding the Academic Tutoring Day please do not hesitate to contact your child's Tutor, Achievement Leader or Mr Gosden.

Please note that there will also be a pop up uniform shop avalable on the day from 8.30am - 4.00pm.