A knowledge organiser is a single sheet of A4 paper that lists the important facts – not practical skills – that pupils should know by the end of a unit of work.

Teachers use them:

  • To set a clear expectation of what every pupil should learn and remember in the long term
  • To give a clear indication of what information to emphasise in lessons

Students use them:

  • To quiz themselves in lessons and at home
  • To practise spelling key vocabulary
  • To further research people, events and processes most relevant to the unit
  • As a way to trigger memories from lessons about key information

Parents are encouraged to use them:

  • To understand exactly what their children are supposed to learn and remember
  • To know what language they should use when discussing learning at home
  • To know how to support their children in learning about a topic

Every child is issued with a new knowledge organiser for every subject on their timetable, each half term. You can access these by clicking on the appropriate half term i.e. Autumn 1 and then select the correct year group for your child.