Castle Manor Academy recently hosted two emminent academics. Professor John Macbeath, Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge and Dr Phil Poekert, visiting speaker from the Lastinger Centre, University of Florida.
The two gentlemen followed a programme of observation and discussion about teaching and learning, the English educational structure and current issues in education. They met with teachers Mrs Vinall and Mrs Culshaw from Castle Manor who are currently undertaking their own further research study and Master and PhD level. 
Vanessa Whitcombe, Headteacher of Castle Manor, was delighted to host Prof Macbeath and Dr Poekert. " It was an honour to show such distinguished guests around our school and they were both impressed with the quality of learning during their tour. Prof Macbeath mentioned particularly the way in which teaching staff communicate with students as a particular strength. Castle Manor prides itself on its strong relationship building and it was a welcome validation."
After a discussion about the reserach school element, there was a visit to Coupals Primary School, where again the two visiting academics were impressed with the school and it's vision for education.
Chris Dale, Director of Teaching and Research School for Samuel Ward Academy Trust said, "Visits like these really give schools and academics the opportunity to learn from each other. We are committed to using research to inform our own teaching practice within the Trust. Visits such as these are crucial to ensure the links between academic study and teacher learning are maintained.”  Castle Manor Academy is part of the Samuel Ward Acdemy Trust, which is one the first designated research schools, bringing evidence-informed practice into the classroom.