The Library follows the Universal Offers Model, created by Libraries Connected, with an aim to connect members of our school community with each other, improve wellbeing and promote equality through learning, literacy and cultural activity. Through the Universal Offers of Culture and Creativity, Health and Wellbeing, Information and Digital Learning, and Reading, we aim to ensure our School Library is a safe and welcoming space for all of our students and staff, suitable for learning, exploring, creating and discovering. You can find out more about the Universal Offers Model here

Our AccessIt Library system is a great way for students to independently engage with their reading and their schoolwork. AccessIt not only showcases our Library catalogue, but students can also, reserve books, write book reviews and check their accounts online. AccessIt is also our centralised point of information sharing for our students in school. From their homepage, they can access Go4Schools, Office 365, Knowledge Organisers for their subjects, popular revision websites such as GCSE Bitesize and Seneca, and other subject-specific websites such as SparksMaths Click here to log in to AccessIt

Our Enhancement Programme is designed to ensure students can engage with the culture of our school and the wider community. We currently run a Film Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, LGBT+ Support Group and the Student Parliament. We also work with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team to offer small group CBT Intervention Programmes as well as one-to-one mental health and wellbeing support. We also offer a daily Homework Club after school until 4 pm

You can keep up to date with the latest news and events in the Library on Twitter here

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  • Mrs J Selwood

    Library and Display Assistant

  • Miss R Neal