The power of School, Student and Home working together embeds successful revision skills. Successful revision needs support from all three areas consistently. This is the key to supporting success with proud parents; please read below for the expectations from each area.

(Useful links for below can be found in the Resources Tab to the right of this page; including Year 11 Overview Calender, Resources Guide and Access It.)

Expected of School

Expected of Students

Expected of Home

Enrol students on Access IT to access All online resources. This includes: Year 11 Overview Calendar, GCSE Pod, Hegarty Maths, Seneca, English Revision Calendar

Use the Year 11 Overview calendar to prioritise revision and create a plan.

Use Access It and Go 4 Schools to browse through the different online resources and all linked home learning set.

Ensure you have all resources needed to revise. If not contact your Subject Teacher or Tutor or AL.

Tutor time Timetable on 'How to Revise' sessions x2 a week

Always have an outcome – produce a resource. Do NOT just look at your book/revision book.

Print/Click onto the Year 11 Overview Calendar to start discussions with your child what will be involved in the revision period and what your role could be.

Try using different techniques learnt in tutor time to find what is most effective for you. For example, try flash cards, mind maps, testing etc.

Targeted Tutor time Interventions for English and Maths (Timetable published on 4-week cycles)

Attend all intervention sessions as requested. Contact the member of staff if you are unable to make the intervention, so they can give you the work missed.

Use the Year 11 Newsletter sent from Miss Bushell, to support attendance to interventions, mock exams and subject events.

Targeted Afterschool Intervention (Timetable published every Half Term)

Horsforth Analysis for every Report Card

Revise difficult topics, use report card to inform this. Consistently high effort pays off.

Give plenty of praise and encouragement when it is deserved.

Provision of Past Exam Questions

Complete past exams questions under timed conditions, these can be found on Go4Schools, Access IT or contact your subject teacher directly.

Provide the environment necessary for success.  Ideally, they need a quiet, well-lit place to study with interruptions kept to a minimum when they are working.

Extra Well Being drop in sessions during lunchtime and Introduction of specific Year 11 Learning Mentor.

Accept it is hard work, anxieties and stress will increase. Seek support from the drop-in sessions, Tutor AL; or book an appointment with our Year 11 Learning Mentor.

Respond positively when they ask for help.  Ask exactly how you can help and if you can’t help immediately say when it is convenient.

Be prepared to listen when they want to talk about problems as everything becomes more emotional and heightened during the exam period.

Walking Talking Mocks held for Core Subjects

Do revision in short bursts – 40 minutes to 1 hour and then take a short break (5-10 minutes).

Encourage them to take regular breaks during long periods of revision.

Use the Castle Manor Way to ensure a distraction free learning environment.

Remove distractions from designated revision time e.g. mobile phones and music

Encourage morning revision when the brain is more receptive and discourages studying right up to bedtime.